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Product reviews for Tentation fully fashioned stockings

Absolutely perrrrrfect

The most beautiful stockings I have along with the cervin swingtime. One can only imagine to fathom the gift of having legs with an envelope of a stocking that simply reveals the French era of stocking artistry. a lady I can only say that this stocking surely evolved in quality and style to be worn! I am so glad I ordered this Cervin stocking!!!

October 4, 2011
Beautifull ff nylons

I have a pair of gazelle coloured Cervins and they are gorgeous. They have quite a tight fit but they are shorter than English FFNs. They are very silky and feel superb when you rub your legs together giving both a frictionless glide and also a wonderful wooshy vibration. The detail on the welt, foot and seam is great. I thoroughly recommend but they ate expensive when compared to Eleganti and Gio, however they do feel tougher.

October 3, 2011
Lovely if they fit

These are beautiful stockings (though not quite as soft as the Gio) but sadly I seem to be between sizes - I have a 28' inseam and slim legs and the small were too small, but the medium wrinkled a lot. If you are the same I suggest the Gio which are a bit longer, but if you can get the right size in Cervin they are very classy.

September 29, 2011